Global Workforce

Hire and Manage top talent from across the world. HRMates platform, our support team and country service partners provide a seam less experience to your employees and managers.


Our Solution


SysMates owned entity


Single point contact

HRMates platform support team

Employee Lifecycle

Employee Profile

Employment Letters

Leave and Attendance

Exit Process


Country Payroll template with ability to customize

Increments, Arrears, Full and Final, Payslips and more

Monthly Payroll approval process including audit by country payroll expert

Salary Documents distribution

Disbursement and Deposits


Admin and Payroll help desk with Escalation

Auto translation of helpdesk messages

    HRMates Platform

    Localized Employee Self Service

    Single point repository of all data with complete history

    Robust functionality to implement Leave, Attendance or overtime policies

    Fully customizable payroll with country starter template

    On demand services

    Interpreter on demand

    Local Payroll / Compliance specialist  on demand

    Branch office formation

    Pricing Model

    Base per employee per month starting USD 200/= per month varying by country

    Time based pricing for on demand services varying by country

    What our Customers say

    HRMates has been given top Vendor rating for 4 years continuously for Job Knowledge, Safety, Quality of Service and Service Timelines

    – Procurement – ISWP Tata steel

    HRMates team is very efficient and effective in implementing company specific policies in software so that whatever is required is very effectively achieved. They are very prompt in replying to our queries and resolving small issues within least possible time. Software has very few failure incidents which was quickly taken care when highlighted to the team.

    Nishant S. General Manager, Elematic India

    At the Tinplate Company of India Limited, we have implemented Suggestion Management module of HRMates replacing our paper based workflow. It was a pleasant experience with all the implementation and customization done as per our requirement in time. We have been live with this module for a month now and it is working smoothly. The team is able to respond to any minor change requests quickly.

    Anjali Sinha, Assistant Manager Business Excellence