Maintain great workforce, with fine-grained employee database, budgets, policies, complete life cycle management along with collaborative evaluation from hiring to exit.


  • Unit Hierarchy
  • Grades
  • Locations
  • Designations


  • Choose combination of Organization Structure for  headcount budgeting
  • Manage approval based Positions for organization
  • Capture Job descriptions, qualifications, salary range, organization unit, locations, grade and designations in positions


  • Acquire talent using vacancies, work orders within headcounts defined from positions.
  • Use applicant tracking and people evaluation module to select best candidates for the open positions.


  • Personal Details including Photo, Family, Academics, Certifications, Employment History
  • Employment details including Staff Id, Category, Status, Grade, Location Designation, Oganization unit, Cost Center, , Job description, Reportings, Employee File, Attendance methods.
  • Employee Letters issue and archive
  • Custom grids to capture any other personal or employement data.
  • Workflow for employee data changes


  • Manage Probation, Trainee, Regular, Performance Improvement, Separating stages of employee.
  • Use People evaluation to collaboratively and objectively manage each stage
  • Get notified on upcoming stage completions for timely action
  • Issue letters for stage changes and appraisals
  • Manage Disciplinary Actions and Safety Observations collaborately and objectively
  • Rejoin Process


Robust to handle all separation situations with full data capture for accurate analytics, reporting and control

  • Voluntary: Resignation, Voluntary Retirement
  • Involuntary: Retirement,  Termination, Absconding, Bereavement, Group Transfer, Forced Attrition
  • Resignation Request and Approval with Date of Leaving, Reasons for Leaving, Try to Retain, Rehire
  • Responsibility Reassignment
  • Employee Feedback
  • No Dues
  • Handover
  • Full and Final Salary
  • Reports and Analytics